About the project

2020 continues along the lines of the previous theme of South Bohemia – Chill out and introduces the new theme: South Bohemia – True Love. South Bohemia is known to be a region with a rich history, unique monuments and picturesque landscapes offering a vast range of opportunities, traditional South Bohemian cuisine, yearlong sporting activities and a modern infrastructure.

The kindliness of the people of South Bohemia, the authenticity of the place, the reality which may appear uncomfortable but is an inseparable part of the colour of the region and gains popularity for its uniqueness… these are the elements the 2020 theme focuses on. In the current world where one can improve their image in an unlimited number of ways, we concentrate on genuine experience, honesty and heartiness. The friendliness of the people, traditional popular art that is passed down from generation to generation, authentic crafts, unique foods and their preparation, love of the countryside, farming, fishery and hunting, and personal permanent bonds with local monuments – these are the elements that characterize the locals and their attachment to the region. Based on their example, stories, and personal experience we share the emotions South Bohemia evokes. Emotions that each visitor can take away from their stay here. Emotions that are true, lasting in memories and heart-warming.

The theme also addresses, with a particular stress on authenticity, the legacy of reformers Jan Hus and Petr Chelčický who spread among people non-violence, social awareness, knowledge of inner truth, standing by one’s opinion, non-conformity to authority nor the majority. By following their heritage of ‘not letting other people persuade you and fighting for the truth if your intentions are good and your goals are noble’, the theme emphasizes the genuineness of the nature of South Bohemia.

The theme South Bohemia, True Love retains the peace and ease of the region, which is well-known. The peacefulness will remain a part of the experience for the upcoming year. Warm emotions, love, authenticity and trust in the region will enhance this experience.