Bobsled Track Lipno

Riding a bobsled in all weather and throughout the year is possible in the Bobsled Track Area in Lipno nad Vltavou. It is the only place in the Czech Republic where you can find two bobsled tracks together – a mountain one and a trough one. On this brand-new mountain bobsled track, you can enjoy a ride like from a bird‘s-eye view, with two turns of nearly 360 degrees being the highlight. Thanks to the safety zones and automatic brakes, the new track is more suitable for families with children. The original 1-kilometre long trough bobsled track will be appreciated more by sportier riders. Speed is regulated using a brake in both cases. You can comfortably get to the start of both tracks using lifts. Children from 3 years ride with their parents and children from 8 years may ride by themselves.