Disc golf

Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is one of the most popular sports, with a flying disc derived from traditional golf. Like golf, the goal of the game is to hole out with the smallest number of throws. Different types of discs are used to play, and the target is an overhead metallic basket. Disc golf is an ideal sporting activity for the entire family. One learns how to throw the disc in a few minutes, regardless of age or physical fitness – all you need are just a good mood and a desire to play. As a relaxing sport, disc golf combines outdoor activities with physical and psychological activity, helping to maintain good physical fitness and to forget the worries of everyday life. This catching game is attractive with its simplicity and fun at the same time. The advantage is clear rules and a playing environment. 

České Budějovice: Disc Golf Park Stromovka Na Zlaté stoce (Stromovka park), GPS: N48.9730989 E14.4553714
Jindřichův Hradec: Disc Golf Park Mertovy Sady Bratrská, GPS: N49.1467703 E14.9966369
Kubova Huť: Disc Golf Course Kubova Huť ski resort, GPS: N48.9831228 E13.7712814
Lipno nad Vltavou: Disc Golf Park Lipno Kramolín peak –  at the exit station of Jezerní chairlift, GPS: N48.6440820 E14.2211080
Tábor: Disc Golf Course Tábor Havanská, GPS: N49.3932790 E14.6801670
Monínec: Disc Golf Monínec Sport Center Monínec, GPS: N49.5503640 E14.5202440