The Spa Town of Třeboň

The spa town of Třeboň has more than 130 years of tradition based on a natural healing source: the peat bog. The healing properties of peat extracted from the peat bogs of the nearby Třeboň marshland are especially notable during treatment of ailments of the musculoskeletal system. Besides classic therapeutic programs, Třeboň spas offer short-term relaxation stays and the opportunity to enjoy single baths, massages or other wellness treatments.


Slatinné lázně Třeboň, s. r. o.,

Lázně Aurora (Aurora Spa)

Aurora Spa is located in the tranquil environment of a large park on the banks of Svět Lake. The spa has a glass lift with the highest panoramic view in Třeboň. Also on the premises are conference facilities, restaurants, bars, bowling lanes, squash courts, a public golf driving range and the Aqua Viva Wellness Centre with a swimming pool and water attractions.


Lázeňský dům  Lázně Aurora

Lázeňská 1001

379 01 Třeboň

+420 384 750 333 


Bertiny lázně (Berta Spa)

Berta Spa can be found close to the historical centre of Třeboň. It also includes a sports facility with a covered tennis hall and outdoor tennis courts, squash courts, bowling lanes, a fitness centre and the “Top-Spin” pizza restaurant. The non-smoking restaurant “Adéla” has an open kitchen concept offering a wide range of fresh fish and terrace seating on the Zlatá stoka (Golden Canal).


Lázeňský dům Bertiny lázně

Tylova 171

379 01 Třeboň

+420 384 754 111