Bušek Hammer Mill

The Bušek Hammer Mill is a functioning technical monument, one of three of its kinds in the Czech Republic. It originated in 1780 through the reconstruction of the original mill. The hammer is
driven by three waterwheels launching into operation a hammer, grindstone and blowers at the forge. Water is supplied to the wheels by means of an artificial millstream with an overflow cascade. You can see the entire equipment in operation, provided that the water level is satisfactory. A unique collection of the hammer operator’s equipment is a part of the exhibition. The preserved hammers and pliers are items with a great historical value. For example, the “hack”, an admirable oak hammer with its weight of 300 kilograms, can make up to 150 strokes per minute.


A tour around the hammer mill can be led by a guide whose attractive storytelling will reveal many mysteries related to the demanding work of forgers in the 19th century and the first half of
the 20th century. The Bušek Hammer Mill, however, is not only a place where you can admire the lost fame of master blacksmiths of the past centuries. It is also currently a place where concerts, theatrical performances, and celebrations are held during the summer months during which the present master blacksmiths may show their crafts.