Narrow-gauge Railways in the Jindřichův Hradec Region

The starting point of this narrow-gauge railway is the city of Jindřichův Hradec, where 2 tracks start: to the north in the direction of Obrataň and to the south in the direction of Nová Bystřice. The operation of this track was initiated in 1897. On its way, the train passes through the very heart of Czech Canada. The passengers may thus enjoy a beautiful overview over the local
virgin nature from its windows. Picturesque railway stations and stops decently hidden from the modern-day bustle in calm forests only emphasize the romantic mood of the journey. The forest station Kaproun is one of the most beautiful stops. Nostalgic trips by a steam train are also regularly operated for visitors, and some of them even have an accompanying program. Regular passenger transport is also operated on the rails with a 760 mm gauge. Those who are interested in the history of the railway may visit the Regional Museum of Narrow-Gauge Railways in Nová Bystřice.


Those who are curious about railways will defi nitely be interested in the possibility of recreational accommodations in the apartments in the newly reconstructed buildings of the stations Střížovice, Hůrky, Kunžak-Lomy, Albeř, and Nová Bystřice. Trains are actually operated so frequently that you can use them for your trips and at the same time enjoy an undisturbed rest. There’s an added advantage – the train stops at your threshold.