Stádlec Bridge

This bridge over the Lužnice River was built in 1975 below the town of Stádlec and is the last preserved Empirical chain bridge in the Czech Republic. Originally, in 1848 -1960, it spanned the
Vltava River near Podolsko. In 1959 it was declared a national technical monument as the Podolsko Bridge. In 1960-1975 it was disassembled and relocated to its current position over the Lužnice River.


Aft er the Orlík Reservoir was fi lled, the bridge, already having been declared a cultural monument, would have been submerged. The decision was therefore made for its careful disassembly, documentation, and storage at a place away from the fl ooded banks. In the 1960’s an off er to purchase the bridge came from abroad, but it was refused, and the bridge was later moved and reassembled. The beautiful place on the Lužnice River on the road between the towns of Stádlec and Dobřejice was selected from several possible locations.