Stone Bridge in Písek

The town of Písek prides itself with the oldest surviving stone bridge in Bohemia. It was built by the royal stone-mason works in Písek and Zvíkov before the end of the 13th century. It has seven
arches, a length of 110 meters, and a width of 6.5 meters. The bridge is decorated with copies of Baroque statues – St. John of Nepomuk with Angels, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Anne and the Calvary. During the centuries, the bridge had to face several great floods. Aft er the last great fl ood in August 2002, the river surface rose by 8.5 meters.


The bridge was built on dry land. Aft er its construction, the river was artificially moved to its new channel passing under the bridge. Hydrologists found that during great floods the river returns to its original corridor.