Kláštery Český Krumlov (Český Krumlov Monasteries)

Three unique monasteries invite the public - especially families, youth and children - to get to know the monastic life, culture, history and art of a particular historic period and create an interesting space for learning and experiences. Among the permanent exhibitions, there are interactive exhibitions of human skills and the skills of our ancestors, where visitors can try the job of a medieval scribe, practise ornamental stencil painting, learn about the storage of food in traditional cellars or mix an elixir in the alchemical laboratory. Children can feel like they are part of a fairy tale when they dress in a knight’s or princess’s costume. Another exhibition teaches about the life and art in the convent of the Poor Clares and in the Minorite Monastery. Visitors can also learn something new at the exhibition of beer brewing. Children are sure to enjoy creative workshops where they can make their own products from the blacksmith, bookbinding and glass workshops.