01. Wheelchair to wheelchair about South Bohemia

“OK, Jan, let’s do this. What have you got in mind?”

“Well, Ivan, we don’t need to make maps, there’s been enough of that lately.”

“Right – instead we should give wheelchair users a few tips on where to go and what to try out. Anyone who needs more detailed information these days can always go to the Internet and Infocenters.”

“Exactly! Let’s write down the places we know and where we’ve had good experiences. We can add some comments if we need to. We’ll add some activities, and let’s try to keep everyone in mind – athletes, families with kids, older people, and people with more serious disabilities. That way everybody can choose something, get to know our region, and maybe they’ll want to explore further.”

“Then let’s get to it, Jan. How do we start? How about this?”

South Bohemia is an amenable place for wheelchair users. There’s plenty of places here where barriers won’t get in the way of a physical handicap, and you can experience what you’d expect with no unpleasant surprises… Just like everyone else. This publication offers just a few of the many options, but we’ll help you start to find your way around in our region. Everything a guest would expect for sports, relaxation, and regaining your strength. We hope that you’ll find South Bohemia a friendly place.


Ivan Nestával (paraplegic after illness in 2009)
Jan Herman (paraplegic after an accident in 2011)