Dobrohoř Chateau

The Dobrohoř Chateau is located on the outskirts of the town of Staré Město pod Landštejnem. The Dobrohoř settlement was always part of the larger castle estates, but there was also an agricultural extension here that the Herberstein family purchased after the castle was abandoned. After they died out, and after a long inheritance process, the chateau was inhabited by Ferdinand von Wenzel, a free lord “von Sternbach zu Stock und Luttach”, whose descendants held the estates until 1945. The owners were not able to complete their post-war modification plans into a Classicist castle, and the building fell into decline after their expulsion. The children of the Sternbach family sought to regain Czechoslovak citizenship, but the state at the time did not allow them to do so. The management of the “Státní Statek” national administration, which lasted until the 1990’s, let to the building’s ultimate dilapidation. The chateau stood as a symbol of administrative failure.

Today, work on its salvage, restoration, and at least its partial opening has been under way since 2013, when the castle finally passed into the hands of new private owners. The Mužák married couple set to work reconstructing the chateau with vigor and enthusiasm, even though they have other professions (chemist and high school teacher). Some rooms have been renovated, with some rooms now showcasing the artworks of contemporary Czech artists and sculptors. The entrance is adorned with two female figures by the sculptor Veronika Olerina, whose works also decorated the repaired corridors. One large guest room and one suite in the courtyard are complete, albeit in limited form, so some chateau accommodations are available. The Classicist chateau still contains the remains of beautiful tiles from former stoves, of which there might have been up to seventeen in the entire building. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Mužáks’ aunt, Ms. Jarmila Kozderková, who was a renowned Czech pianist. Admission to the castle is voluntary.

The entire project might be a bit crazy, but it’s also very romantic. And the chateau is definitely worth a visit.

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