Church of the Holy Spirit and the Passion of Římov in Římov

The tradition of pilgrimage is not connected only to Dobrá Voda, but also to Římov.  Římov’s pilgrimage complex is located above the village’s square, where there are several centuries-old linden trees. The tall belfry built in 1891 houses bells from 1948. A passage on the ground floor leads to a square courtyard surrounded by cloisters decorated with rich paintings. In the corners of the cloisters, there are four altars at which Mass was held during the time of pilgrimage. In the middle of the courtyard is Loretto chapel, with simple ornamentation accurately imitating the original chapel located in Loretto, Italy. In the second half of the 17th century in Římov and its nearest surroundings, the Calvary (so-called the Passion of Římov) with 25 Baroque chapels was built. The chapels are scattered over a range of 5 km and their location in the terrain corresponds to the location of the traditional Calvary in Jerusalem.