Monastery in Borovany

The Augustinian monastery was founded in 1455 by Peter of Linda. During the reign of the Rosenbergs the monastery was abolished and subsequently reinstated in 1661 by Emperor Ferdinand III. In the mid-18th century, the Scapular Chapel and representative prelature were built within the monastery. Emperor Joseph II abolished the monastery in 1785. The building of the prelature was owned by the Schwarzenbergs until 1939.

Do not miss the Six Senses Tour. Your tour guide will take you on a journey of discovery to the Scapular Chapel and the monastery prelature. You will also visit the monastery museum and lapidarium with its baroque statues, listen to the echo of your voice resonate within the monastery´s library walls, get introduced to the important people linked to the monastery, have the chance to taste the culinary stock of Matěj Kozka of Rynárec and try on clerical clothes.

For tour reservations and monastery museum visits please call the Tourist Information Centre in Borovany based in the monastery (see contact details in the right column).