Zbudovská Blata (Zbudovská Marshland)

This is an historical area between Hluboká nad Vltavou and Netolice with a comprehensive set of popular Rural Baroque architecture that is of unique importance and quality. The most important villages of the area are the village conservation areas of Plástovice and Malé Chrášťany and the village preservation zone of Zbudov. The area is connected to a legend in which a farmer named Jakub Kubata was executed as he pursued justice for the oppressed in the marshland area. This historical event is commemorated by a monument and the so-called Kubata’s Stones near Zbudov, where Kubata is said to have been executed. In the Information Centre in Plástovice, you can see information panels “About the Rural Baroque in the Marshland Area” and learn more about this area and the architecture of the Rural Baroque. (In the border region of the marshlands, there are the additional village preservations of Záboří, Bavorovice, Dobčice, Lipanovice, Mahouš, Břehov, Munice and Opatovice.)