Schwarzenberg Tomb in Třeboň

The tomb is located 1.5 km from the center of Třeboň on the southern part of the lake Svět. The construction was initiated in 1784. The two-storey building, shaped like a regular octagon, is built in Pseudo-Gothic style according to the Italian Campo Santo burial ground of famous men. The chapel consecrated to Christ the Redeemer houses a Neo-Gothic altar. The tomb crypt hides 26 coffins with the members of the Schwarzenberg family. The chapel is located in the middle of an English park with an area of 17 hectares with 2,000 trees, including 40 exotic trees.


Although the crypt floor lies 1.5 meters bellow the surface of the Lake Svět, it is dry and cool. A ventilated channel, 2 meters deep and 60 centimeters wide, was built around the tomb to drain water to the Opatovický Lake nearby.