Klášter Zlatá Koruna (Zlatá Koruna Monastery)

For some people, the Zlatá Koruna Monastery might be a place of silent contemplation. However, it hides secrets: J. A. Comenius’s Baroque paintings of Orbis Pictus, which were once used for teaching in the local school. This unique collection of didactic paintings from the second half of the 18th century helps children to become familiar with the everyday life of the monks in the Cistercian monastery, with their sign language, duties and monastery operations. Children peacefully learn about architectural details, memorable trees and advances in craft s and crop growing, which the Cistercians spread throughout Bohemia. In the monastery, there are creative workshops where visitors can try craft s such as bookbinding. In 2016, a new lapidarium was opened in the reconstructed cellars of the monastery. A visit to the monastery can be easily combined with boating on the Vltava River because the site is very close to the boating campsite.