Helfenburk Castle

These ruins of a Gothic castle, founded in the 14th century by the Rožmberk family, are located near Bavorov on a forested hill named Malošín. In the 15th and 16th century, the castle was gradually reconstructed. An 18-meter circular Great Tower makes up part of the castle. In 1593, the last member of the Rožmberk family, Petr Vok, sold the castle with the entire domain to the city of Prachatice. Later the castle was also owned by the Eggenbergs and later the Schwarzenbergs. The castle is currently the property of the city of Bavorov. It is open to the public, the monument’s preservation continues today. Over the course of the year, interesting social events take place at Helfenburk and weddings are also celebrated there.


Upon prior approval by the castellan, and when observing certain rules, it is possible to stay overnight directly in the castle courtyard under your own cover, or in the open air.