Třeboň State Castle

This originally small, town castle served the Rožmberk Family from 1366 for occasional stays in the Třeboň dominion. After a fire in the town in 1562, the destroyed castle was gradually reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau as ordered by Vilém of Rožmberk. The Rožmberk regent, Jakub Krčín, designed a lake that flooded the surrounding areas and was later called Svět, meaning World. Aft er the death of Vilém of Rožmberk, the last Rožmberk ruler Petr Vok moved to Třeboň in 1602. His rule saw the completion of the reconstruction of the castle. In 1660, the
Třeboň dominion had been impoverished by the war and was bought by Schwarzenbergs, who owned it until 1947. Visitors can walk around the Rožmberk Renaissance interiors of the castle,
including an alchemist laboratory, art chamber, and room for the ladies’ parlors known as the “fraucimor”. On the fi rst storey you can visit the more somber private rooms of the Schwarzenbergs,
who regularly spent their Christmas here. The third guided tour features the castle stable, the kitchen for dogs, and a system of underground passages below the town known as the casemate. The castle is surrounded with a beautiful English landscape park.


In 1947, the castle was nationalized by special law known as the Lex Schwarzenberg, as were the castles of Hluboká, Český Krumlov, and others. A large part of the castle now houses the State Regional Archive in Třeboň, consisting of the original Rožmberk archive that was extended and supplemented under the Schwarzenbergs.